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Long Range Antenna / Aerial FM SW AM(MW) DAB LW tv

If you intend "tu' HAVE!" in your lifetime for radio public broadcast reception
and need an excellent antenna, HERE IT IS!

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Australia domestic purchase only
(V2) 50cm 19.5"
90Km @ 40Kw , 60Km @ 10Kw
56mi @ 40Kw , 37mi @ 10Kw
clear weather rated
AUD $65 + $10 + $3 e-charge + $8 GST
Australia domestic purchase only
(V1) 30cm 12"
60Km @ 40Kw , 50Km @ 10Kw
37mi @ 40Kw , 31mi @ 10Kw
clear weather rated
AUD $46 + $5 + $3 e-charge + $6 GST
Australia domestic purchase only
(V1) 20cm 8"
45Km @ 40Kw
28mi @ 40Kw
clear weather rated
AUD $33 + $5 + $3 e-charge + $4 GST

( Great *range for small 200 watt community radio stations *8 Km *( 5 mi ) through city-scape from 30M high building community transmitter *in Heavy rain through city-scape )
[ Long Range FM AM DAB SW tv antenna ]
[ PDF ] 50cm 19" Instruction setup Manual   65 AUD +( 10 AUD Australian internal postage ) ( All international postage 60 AUD )


( Great *range for small 200 watt community radio stations *6 Km *( 4 mi ) through city-scape from 30M high building community transmitter *in Heavy rain through city-scape )
[ Long Range FM AM DAB sw tv antenna ]
[ PDF ] 30cm 12" Instruction setup Manual   46 AUD +( 5 AUD Australian internal postage ) ( All international postage 40 AUD )


( * For small 200 watt community radio stations within 6 Km ( 4 mi ) through city-scape, add to TV mast top and coax-loop to TV antenna element receive terminal to boost and correct city local low power radio stations off line to the antenna and for boost in Heavy rain if your Stereo uses the TV antenna for FM radio )
[ This a General Purpose / Standard FM AM DAB antenna ]
[ PDF ] 20cm 8" Instruction setup Manual   33 AUD +( 5 AUD Australian internal postage ) ( All international postage 25 AUD )


This is a rigid design antenna / aerial for reception only. Its spectrum for such is 0MHz - 1000MHz.
It is principally tuned for FM public broadcast band radio in the 87 - 108 MHz band common in many countries but performs well across a wide spectrum including TV-uhf and DAB and again down in SW World bands along with AM(MW) in the KHz carrier region.

Test results in the manual are signal received in a specific real world environment e.g. rooftop at 3 meters altitude and a standard RG6 coaxial cable of 5 meters.
The results are through heavier type hill terrain and into / through a city as long distance reception with varied power of radio station transmitter, some in Kilowatts and some local stations of low watt power.

The largest Aerial is the 50cm antenna and you are advised that it is more suited to isolated rural farm areas where low loss cable and long coaxial cable runs often because of using a tower to ensure reception is not interfered with, but for most it requires to be long distance from most radio / tv services to prevent channel overlap in the background of the main channel being listened to or watched.

It is important to read the manual to understand the correct installation procedures and ensure proper operation of the antenna occurs. While it appears to be a single element vertical propagation and polarisation orientation antenna, it is a vertical propagating and polarisation multi element aerial and a completely different design configuration to the visible multi parasitic element antenna types , although it is not necessary to understand that feature, however it is part of why it performs alike a horizontal directional propagating multi element external parasitic-element mount set antenna (usually seen on roofs for TV reception).

Specifications of distance in Km's in the appropriate installation setup manual are an aberration of range not a complete guarantee, range may be slightly further or a slightly less but there are some basic test tables will show enough to understand if the choice you make is required and suitable.

NOTE ( for the 50cm ): DAB radio and UHF-TV(upper or lower) are similar broadcast band frequency in the UHF bands, the maximum reception distance range (see *** for ACTUAL SAFE RANGE in bad weather) for DAB radio and UHF-TV reception as a rooftop antenna "LOS" is 1.5x the FM(87-108) rated "good weather distances given" for their Kw of station transmitter, e.g. for this 1/8th wave aerial RX for UHF-TV @ 10Kw station transmitter DAB and UHF-TV range is 90Km (55 miles) , @ 40Kw station transmitter DAB and UHF-TV range is 135Km (83 miles) Note: Most TV transmitters are above 40Kw and unlike FM radio stations, some country TV station transmitters are huge power of around 350Kw, of which there are some local re-transmitters equipment and/or very low power local TV stations. ( VHF-TV range is the same as the FM public broadcast range )

*** So this leads to minor complication in a city or between two well serviced major cities, "the BAD WEATHER rating for UHF-TV and DAB is the range to use for judgement of antenna suitability" of which that will be for DAB and UHF-TV identical to the normal "good weather range" of FM(87-108) radio broadcast reception by this antenna. Basically, on the coast of Australia or in a city, the 30cm model is the suitable choice, unless TV is excluded from its use ( e.g. multiple wall outputs ) then the 50cm model can be safely used, but if the 50cm model is used for both FM(and / or other bands) and TV then the two or more broadcast regions or locations for the same service type bands should not overlap or have identical station service frequencies, However, in remote outback cities and towns the same can be said again but probably safe to use the 50cm model if also used for TV and anything else too.

Note: This antenna does not use or incorporate a masthead amplifier or booster (remote locations please note to CHECK FIRST when buying a masthead amplifier and its power supply that the correct VHF low FM radio frequencies are supplied by a booster model (and other frequencies wanted) in that model of masthead amplifier (or booster) - if you have one on your tv aerial you can short loop the coax from this antenna onto the input of your tv antenna IF suitable output from the tv masthead amp output - note-2, Some models of masthead amp. or booster can be mounted inside rather than outside (should use special low-loss coaxial cable from the antenna) and is best done when various frequency take-off connectors are on the amplifier / booster model)