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Should this info bore you **!! - come back to "this link" - A genuine Australian " Ripping Yarn!!! "

NOTE *1 (to BeeKeepers): Drone mother colonies: number and position > "Drone congregation areas" [e.g. 30 meter height nominal...!!!]
Alternative 1a - Beekeepers     Alternative 1b - Beekeepers     Alternative 1c - Beekeepers

ARTICKLE: ..."It showed the price of electricity had increased 539 per cent faster than inflation over the past year compared to the rate of inflation while other essential expenses such as gas grew 356 per cent above inflation, childcare (161 per cent), utilities (394 per cent), health 117 (per cent), housing (83 per cent), education 74 per cent and transport (50 per cent)."...

NEW: Wet Cell Vented to Atmosphere Accumulators

DOWNLOAD (48) D.I.Y. Wind-Solar "Off Grid" ARTICLE for Wind Solar Hybrids as a PDF document

DOWNLOAD (PDF): D.I.Y. How To quick guide - Personally importing CCID ACBPS by "N10"

[ Link: ("All D.I.Y.") 3000w-Wind + 5000w-Solar complete estimation(calculated GUESS! @ 74c to USD-AUD) by parts ]

[ Link: ("All D.I.Y.") 10kw-Wind + 3kw-Solar complete estimation(calculated GUESS! @ 74c to USD-AUD "approx 2000 AUD p/year average all except guaranteed 15 years") by Kit ]

For pure off grid with downsizing appliances a wee piece it is cheaper with a hybrid and can essentially be guaranteed 12 to 15 years life.

Australian Light aircraft domestic usage

Article Link (PDF) : Fatigue and distance travel in Australia      YouTube: STOL Aircraft

YouTube: (Under 100K AUD) "Kit STOL" (many companies around the world can make them with a spec of 60m -100m roll - ! BUT need to be careful they have a suitable two person maximum takeoff weight !)

Q: Why read the above article PDF Article "Fatigue and distance travel in Australia" !?
A: Recognize that "time wasting of life" and "impossible achievement of a travel solution about fatigue and speed and time (particularly where it has to be flexible)" is all road vehicles bring! Until people get a (PPL) Private Pilot license and use VH registered light aircraft to remove long distance road travel, there will always be crashes of massive magnitude!
This head on crash beats getting "Falkholted" or "Pacific Highwayed" (Although this was "the Princes highway" it is the southern version of terrain and road to "the Pacific highway (Northern)") (called "Bussed" - re the massive bus/coach crashes in history on it)" Wed Jan 17, 2018 ("Although recent" it is "one of the worst multi vehicle head on car crashes in Australian history to date (at least since national highways were made multi-"ROAD" by 1995 - 2000 and particularly because they were only ordinary small road vehicles)" and as YouTube can show "means QUITE SOMETHING to achieve that level of destruction of life by cars only") !
Link: "Picture of Falkholt boxing day accident location scene" shows the debris field (and liquid spillage) only little more than 50 yards long and for most is only impact inertia scatter that like many road accidents" has following cars run over it. Too the head on impact stopped both vehicles "ALMOST INSTANTLY" (as severe as that ever is except for the fact the vehicles struck "offset to center" but head on, center is all it was not) as they remain only a yard or so from each other, they show they were "offset at impact"(not "absolute center") by their rest position and revolved each other "at point of impact" "possible half a rotation (180o) only to facing opposite direction or a full 360o" depending which vehicle is which in the picture). An immense impact !!! , they only left "the collision impact point" by three yards and five yards from full speed collision in both directions to instant halt as shown by the short sparse debris field in the picture !

No idea how "anything" could survive that impact in either vehicle for a tiny moment (and probably did not), although forensics on Lockerbie disaster found time of death for two passengers of the 747 may have been sufficient to save them if they had been found shortly after alighting, but "to that effect" in the boxing day crash (200kmh to 240kmh collective impact speed to instant halt within one to two yards or less ) no such atmospheric assistance was a "chance" to cushion impact.
Anyhow, nothing unusual, just more common other ways in Australia (except between 1960 and 1995 on roads in Australia).
NOTE: Some of the problems of weather (e.g. Heatwave ! there have been 10 heatwaves in Australian history killed more than 100 people!) and other problems found in the following disaster link is a reason to have a PPL and VH registered light aircraft!
What occurred upon the Falkholt family (massive fatality in moments) is what that is as risk to use a road vehicle in Australia for many many more reasons also than simply the bad driver that hit them!
RES IPSA DES, it is the A typical result of the long distance journey on Australian roads.
Link: (very uncomplete) List of disasters in Australia by death toll (re: road, rail, bushfire, Cyclone, flood - note: "Heat Wave" totals, pandemics, shipwreck, prison break, Sea battle, mutiny/massacre and air raids)
Link: ...And only for history sake, "the completely obscure" from the previous link !
Link: ...And only for history sake, "the 101 of completely obscure and unusual" from the previous link (for completeness) !
e.g. Australian head on crashes Youtube
YouTube: head on crash Australia
YouTube: head on crash Australia

Other head on crashes (Australia) !
YouTube: Road vehicle crash Australia     YouTube: Road vehicle crash Australia     YouTube: Road vehicle crash Australia
YouTube: Road vehicle crash Australia     YouTube: Road vehicle crash Australia     YouTube: Road vehicle crash Australia
YouTube: Road vehicle crash Australia     YouTube: Road vehicle crash Australia     YouTube: Road vehicle crash Australia
YouTube: Road vehicle crash Australia     YouTube: Road vehicle crash Australia     YouTube: Road vehicle crash Australia
YouTube: Road vehicle crash Australia     YouTube: Road vehicle crash Australia     YouTube: Road vehicle crash Australia

However it occurs, it's like the old AC/DC song goes, ..." Hells Bells ! "

Off Grid Hybrid Wind Solar

WARNING! For safety reasons(technical and economic)
Read the articles (D.I.Y. Wind-Solar "Off Grid" article, the other 12 volt systems article, and the Wet Cell battery article) ! ! !
Off Grid powers' key-stone is storage of enough electricity using deep cycle batteries!

External Article Link: Solar and battery storage already cheaper than grid power in Australia

Off grid power is achieved using deep cycle batteries(accumulators) with "float-charge level voltage set in the controller" NOT deep cycling charge system!

The difference,
accumulators are Ampere Hour(AH) capacity "relating" temperature dependent:

Deep cycling is done by charge current lifting the capacity to approximately 15 volts per 12v battery and 100% capacity. To achieve 100% capacity for "Deep Cycling" the temperature of the accumulator must be suitably high enough during charging at least to allow 100% filling capacity. When filled, the battery is discharged to a Depth of Discharge(DOD) level e.g. 30% DOD or 70% DOD.
The action of discharging down to a particular percentage of DOD is known as "cycling" and usually occurs constantly "deep down to 70% DOD" under heavy current draw within minutes to hours of starting use, and, one action of it is called "a single cycle". Deep cycle accumulators have a finite reasonably guaranteed number of these "cycles" known for the levels of various percentage DOD'S e.g. only - 1400 cycles to 30% DOD.

Float charging system, 12 to 15 years use for off grid systems, a deep cycle battery is not violently discharged, it relies on most of the electricity produced from the generators(solar and wind) to be ducted into the the DC to 240vac inverter for use directly as the strategy. The battery bank size is for protection against required emergency discharge or minor over-runs of use to prevent battery ware-damage from causing serious decrease in their service life(life-cycle), it also is used to store burst energy to start appliances called "surge power".
The charge controller is "not set for deep cycling to throughput 15v per 12v battery" it is set much lower at 13.7 volts which is analogous to the charge controller ceasing input at maximum of 75% - 80% battery bank charged capacity. Too again, a lower temperature is used (usually 20oC) to incubate the batteries to lower chemical reaction that causes ware inside the batteries.

Often deep cycle batteries have some of this information for float charge and Deep Cycling written on the side of them each.

1. Never discharge a deep cycle battery below half its' capacity(most models can be) and never completely(most models are not allowed that to occur).

2(a). Other sites calculate storage usage 1:1 of AH(ampere hours - watt hours) to usage requirement. This is never done because a deep cycle battery or any battery has a special charger system and chemistry requiring it to theoretically remain above 70 percent full (for float charge action) bu', to have 15 years of service... special battery storage bank usage management requires the battery bank to remain above 85 percent full and the correct version battery chemistry in the batteries(accumulators) to last 20 years capable in float cycle model specification. This means "ampere hours used" to "ampere hours storage" is more than 10 times the daily consumption calculation (should be 1:11, their miscalculation for this usage, they say something like 1:1.2) than other sites give for using batteries.

2(b). Remember, most other off grid online battery calculators are wrong (because the accumulator calculations are not for 12 - 15 years use float life-cycle)!
Other online battery calculators for off grid use are usually "applied as deep cycling action" to 70% DOD of storage bank.
That is because they think a few 4 wheel drivers or campers want to take some electricity to operate a mobile home like environment where they will empty the batteries to 30% full(known as 70% DOD - Depth of Discharge).
Normal houses AND flats/units seasonal use is 25Kw-hours to 35Kwh a day because of heating cooling , hot water and cooking (just mentioning the big ones).
In effect at "12v AH" standard(Ohms' Law of watts to volts to amps) 5000ah to 6000ah (12 volt standard value) of storage is required ("preferred" or above 8Kw rated generator system, an extremely expensive lazy or mismanaged 12v value of 6400ah MINIMUM is required to safely take generator charge(input) levels (large houses and workshop - small mansions ... etc))!

3. Remember, Off Grid powers' key-stone is storage of enough electricity using deep cycle batteries, deep cycle accumulators were originally designed for industrial use, because they require, high current charge and discharge rates, and heavy current high voltage through-put by adding together in series for the custom power system. There are two main voltages of deep cycle batteries "2v"(two volt) single cell and "12v"(twelve volt) six cell types. The life-cycle number of discharges is determined by the chemistry type and construction materials substance and quality, therefore for cost only basic lead acid(pardon the pun) AGM-lead acid and GEL-lead acid are calculated for here but there are many chemistry e.g. calcium or silicon, so learning "battery model data sheets" (note: and dangerous goods MSDS) and basic battery operation parameters is a sensible idea if you wish to use off-beat types of deep cycle (that are also not "usually" viable because of cost). Note: some of the largest 2v deep cycle batteries can weigh up to around 200Kg a single piece! (In the actual industrial world there are much larger weirder high throughput accumulators sometimes known as SAB! (Shit A Brick!) - These type of container or skip bin battery bank would sit on construction sites with bare rods from the terminals overhead in the early 1970's as backup or temporary power but no different to the result of being in contact with as the protected housed batteries seen in the pictures in the link. They would "incinerate" a person on contact not electrocute them! It's no wonder i cannot find any pics of the 70's versions on work sites, but here are some moderns. Sumitomo Electric redox flow batteries   Batteries for Large-Scale Stationary Electrical Energy Storage).
3.(b) Remember, in DIY to know enough at what you wish to do rather than simply "attempt" because a single 12v car battery can kill by electrocution or similar to the before mentioned industrial battery!

4. New Technology. It may or may not be here but there are always concerns and problems with specification when importing directly, such as extra tariff on more toxic technology. It's a good idea to know and ask about "Rohs" standard components in electrical equipment.
Of new technology, here is a new battery - chemistry being developed: Aquion manufactures cheap, long-lasting batteries for storing renewable energy

5. While people read all this or partially and use general search engines to locate suppliers, on the point of "international trade deals self brokered" , HOW and WHERE does that occur. While i do not like to put these two following site links here, at least it explains why you must read "how to talk to a supplier" and WHERE these deals are offered and HOW they probably are fastened.
1. Trade site (ACBPS N10 import type)   2. Trade site (mainly postal import and ACBPS "SAC" form type)

[ Warn note: On the proper trade brokering site (N10 import type) - ignore prices you see - to know anything for sure means talking to the supplier about a specific product ! ]

In an email, this would be offered as a typical short list example of a kit. However, it contains items must be "immensely carefully chosen" , "superfluous items", and not enough items for a 15 year period.

3kw wind 7kw solar hybrid system off-grid
1) 3kw horizontal wind turbine: USD 1800
2) 8m free folding tower: USD 1133
3) 7kw solar panels and brackets: USD 7580
4) 10kw off-grid hybrid controller: USD 1400
5) 10kva off-grid invertor: USD 3117
6) 20pcs 12v200ah gel battery: USD 5000
Total Amount: USD 20030 /SET FOB ------ , CHINA

For the 15 year period it requires to "change" the parameters of the trade deal to get a quote for an order of extra parts to prevent aged used equipment from being the only part to fail that is available!

The following would be the type of modification to the kit deal parameters "you would then ask for for a quote"!

3kw wind 7kw solar hybrid system off-grid
1) 3kw horizontal wind turbine: USD ----
2) 8m free folding tower: USD ---- Construct a 15m tower with local materials. (or if it is 12m or 15m choose it as a cost)
3) 7kw solar panels and brackets: USD ---- No mounting brackets
4) 10kw off-grid hybrid controller: USD ---- (2x pieces of these)
5) 10kva off-grid invertor: USD ---- (4x pieces of these)
6) 20pcs 12v200ah gel battery: USD ---- Batteries must be gained in a separate trade deal to ensure both price and 15 years float-life at 20oC
Total Amount: USD ---- /SET FOB ------ , CHINA

After 40 years watching government campaigns promise "lower costs" , "cheaper living" and "tax cuts" when all is offered is

new projects, ongoing costs and restrictions to keep money inside Australia , "nothing can be ruder" when that keeps solutions

out and raises revenue collection requirements!

[ Link (NEWS): 1. Have you seen this joke !!! $230 wiped from power bill with carbon tax repeal... What they forgot to tell you is they have already stated the tax revenue is too low and are considering a 4% rise in GST, even with 1% rise a 50,000 wage is $500 tax more p/year, they are also going to introduce online GST systems and finally electricity organisation and production is a government company paid by the overall tax pool. The same company(government) requires to pay foreign banks for it's debts at any dollar rate along with inflation and competition against other countries economy value. A wind solar hybrid off grid power system(DIY) costs approximately little more or equal to 10 years of grid energy and commits electricity production of 1.5 to twice the usable electricity by household job management and keeps your electricity cost price stable. While parts(2x ontroller and 4x inverters for 15 years - 1 spare-later controller 2x spare-later inverters) of the system may need to be replaced at intervals, it is possible to construct a weather production safe system with "long float-life" batteries housing cover incubated that last 15 years making it cheaper than grid p/year by total cost (total divided by 15). Next time requiring to buy electricity will be around 2029-30 ]
..."This will be a giant leap forward in the treatment of the insane gambler"... (or "insane voter" - Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me...but this make about the ninth time!)

(Quote: following article July 2015)..."There's an inevitability around what's about to happen. The Australian economy's going to have to go into recession."...
[ Link (NEWS): 2. The govm. can't have electricity price cuts, or a budget surplus or allow tax cuts until the govm. has the money, However, This country has never had the money for interest rate cuts (that would be alike saying inflation went down,it always goes up, it only ever slows), it is subjected to the same dollar by mining taxes and mining production success-failure and/or disasters on major foreign countries economies(allows AUD up)! (I hate to mention it but there was song called "Allentown" many years back of which one of the lines in it by that bard was ..."they never taught us what was real, Iron and coke And chromium steel"... ) ]

[ Link (NEWS): 3. You can't have a surplus until you have the money to allow tax cuts, However, there have never been tax cuts and never been a surplus because and... - Therefore something that never truly exists being applied is non able, non existent and declared by a non-statement! ]
..."the number 6 dance"... (think hems, dances and the old cliche' ..."did you know i have a sixth finger!?"...)

The new expression for this is "Tent. Rape" short for "tentacle rape"(electricity grid -or- Hentai). Here is a an electricity consumer been looking up deals...(just replace a few words here and there in the sketch)
I remember reading plenty of articles about how people bargained their excess grid tie power for feed in tariff and when they got a good deal the mediating company that made the deal folded. The FIT as it's called from a home grid tie system in one state went from around 20 cents p/Kwh instantly down to 3 cents p/Kwh without consultation after most people were enticed with the high FIT rate. And so the pain in the arse goes on.... (Is this tech support or Predator support ???)

*** Note: While there have been various scandals about the Greyhound racing industry in Australia recently, Animal cruelty laws in Australia are extremely rigid compared to most other nations around the world. The only problem i consider these creatures truly have is being re-homed after they are too old to race past their prime for racing!

Link: Problems of Greyhound racing for Greyhounds     Link: Adopted Greyhound Care

Link: Government Report 28 March 2014 (PDF)     Greyhounds As Pets and Greenhounds
7.7 In 2009 GRNSW established its own re-homing program - Greyhounds as Pets (GAP). The aim of GAP is to: provide an avenue for people to adopt former racing greyhounds; educate participants on the options for their greyhound after racing; and promote the merits of greyhounds as a pet to the wider community.

7.8 In 2011 GRNSW and the NSW Department of Local Government launched the Greenhounds program. The Greenhounds program allows for pet greyhounds to go muzzle free in public places after they successfully complete a re-training program and are deemed suitable by an approved Greenhounds assessor. GRNSW advised that more than 200 Greenhounds are now muzzle free.350

Link : Adoption PROS and CONS

Greyhound re-homing sites: Link (1) : Greyound Adoption Service    Link (2) : Greyound Adoption Service    Link (3) : Greyound Adoption Service

Something completely different: Link (1) : Dingo Conservation (re: State/Territory keeping Laws)     Link (2) : Dingo Conservation (re: State/Territory keeping Laws)

Linux Tux logo * Slackware Linux Install (Developers (or Advanced Home User) OS "KDE")
* Debian Linux Install (Desktop Workstation OS "Gnome")
* Mint Linux Install (Home User Desktop OS "Gnome")
* SteamOS Install (Gamers Workstation e.t.c. OS)
* Others - e.g. Suse , Fedora , CentOS , Red Hat... Install ( User Desktop/Workstation/other e.t.c. OS )
Scientific Linux Install (R&D Enterprise and Science OS "N/A as much - runlevel")
FreeBSD-UNIX Install (Networking NFS OS "N/A")

* Rescatux Linux (bootloader Rescue/repair distro) Install (Bootloader and binaries crash rescue OS "primitive GUI")
* Configuring Linux Mozilla, Firefox , SeaMonkey
* Linux SeaMonkey Web Browser download

Slackware 14.1 for those whom program or use Java (December 2015)

Just put Slackware 14.1 into a 4gb RAM computer i acquired using EXT4 filesystem in the setup.
Did nicely , however almost everything these days is X64 processor chunks , so gone are the days of i386 and i586 with Linux installs.
For Java SDK's and Java JRE runtime environments there is also a change.
Any installs you have that were under the i386 and i586 X32 systems do not operate (Usually has .bin extension or
To Install Java in X64 Slackware the installer should be a .sh (only) file extension AND almost always has "64" in it's installer filename!
Use JRE,SDK,JDK 8 if it is only an issue of mainly running up to date or new Java software,
but you will need to be particularly careful if you wish to install things such as earlier J2EE compiler which really only goes back to J2EE 6 for the X64.

"How to configure your JRE to operate in Linux"

Hybrid Wind Solar Domestic - (D.I.Y. Article) Do It Yourself - HOW TO Article inside site

Includes how to personally import from China to Australia and customs ACBPS shipping management!

The Australian House "The 15 Kw house" - Solar Wind Hybrid "power system" OFF GRID - industrial to domestic and portable , 12 volt systems can power a house , downsizing of home electrical appliances to achieve the same as the bigger equipment , wind turbines grid tied....

Some links relating hot water systems showing "Kw" heater element sizes for models.

(PDF) Dux hot water systems [In acrobat pdf app. press cntrl+F keys and type "Kw" in the search]

(PDF) Rheem hot water systems [In acrobat pdf app. press cntrl+F keys and type "Kw" in the search]

(PDF) Wiring Manual of hot water systems

NOTE: Air conditioner "Kw" Kilo-Watts refers to "heat energy removal - cooling ability", NOT electrical input although both can be together labelled in a document on the subject!

(PDF) Air Conditioning power consumption research information (also WELS Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards)

(PDF) Air Conditioning and heating types , power consumption research information (also WELS e.t.c.)

And the bargains are flying thick and fast...


(requires JVM) Java2
JRE runtime
fast download

If this information were not delivered publicly by a party with "no invested interest"(meaning i have no actual requirement economically as a motive to output this information) in pushing such information you would not be made aware of the fact this method is a cost effective alternative to grid electricity and inclusively solar installers or suppliers of this or any nation.

WARNING to any fool that calls this sites' information commercial or for profit, Money as pricing of off gird power systems is mentioned for proof of theory, parity and clarity and with the comparative context against the unethical national and state government practice of business monopoly and restriction of use of alternative generator methods probably to favor their inefficient out dated and superseded(by off grid power system delivery modularization) domestic(and in some remote area cases) electricity delivery system called(a sort of showcase south park "precious plum") network grid mains electricity thats' average or projected or prospectivised costs per house/building supplied by network will be equal or greater than that of the cost of an off grid power system to implement and as much collect tax through resale stages down the delivery chain of sale and supply(AKA recombinant tax production). The links to suppliers is again a requirement for people to clearly understand the processes involved and products available as a type of proof the alternative exists. These products prices and actions are part of real time and world to as closely match the whole process to achieve the alternative and make aware that these are all the pieces and are accurately and honestly definitive of what each piece is that truly exists as available! Again no one would mention to new home buyers that posses the space requirements(below) of land that their property choice with a loan they could reduce by 30,000 and maintain the larger loan strategy to bring in their electricity by this alternate!

bees eating hhoney

Feral bees (apis mellifera realestatus attractii) induced into a hive (now defunct/lost after vandal attack on the Langstroth)

Carniola bees (apis mellifera carnica) - bought from domestic market apiary settling in